foot pain

The foot is the foundation of the body and movement of the lower extremity.  The foot is made up of numerous small bones, joints, muscles, tendons and ligaments.  Any of these, when placed under stress, can create pain. 

Common Conditions Leading to Foot Pain

Foot pain can be caused by numerous different conditions. 

Morton’s neuroma presents with numbness and pain between the toes caused by a thickening of the tissue surrounding the nerve. 

Gout is a common condition especially in older males.  This presents with red, swollen and tender joints, especially at the base of the big toe.

Plantar Fasciitis; another foot condition causing pain, develops on the sole of the foot.  It is inflammation and overused of the plantar fascia running from the base of the heel to the toes.

Arthritis is also a common culprit of foot pain.  There are various different forms of arthritis that can lead to changes in the structure of the foot.

Your Achilles tendon is located on the back of the heel and foot.  This tendon attaches the muscles of the calf to the base of the foot.  This tendon, when overused or over-stretched can result in small tears and inflammation, which is known as tendonitis.

Pain in the middle of the foot is known as metatarsalgia.  This typically emerges from defective foot functioning, overuse of the joints in the foot or loss of fat pad in the sole of the foot.

It is also possible to develop a pinched nerve in the foot, this is known as tarsal tunnel syndrome.  Patients experience burning, shooting pain into the foot and toes.  It starts at the inside of the ankle; where the nerve is being entrapped, and radiates to the arch and sole of the foot.

Patient who wear improper fitting shoes develop a higher risk for all types of foot pain.  These shoes could be high heels, worn out shoes, ill fitting shoes, shoes with too little or too much arch support, and shoes with little or no support around the entire shoe.


At Clark Chiropractic we utilize many different treatments to get the best results and customize treatments for each patient.  We use a state of the art digital x-ray machine to get an in-depth look at what each person has going on to determine the best treatment plan; utilizing therapies, such as electrical stim, ultrasound, traction, myofascial release, light and infrared therapy, trigger therapy, cupping, and CBD treatments helps to get results quicker and more effectively.   Our Chiropractors are capable of using many different styles of adjusting to meet the needs of each individual patient.  In conjunction with or as a stand-alone treatment, our doctors also perform acupuncture.