Ear infections

Ear infections, or otitis media, account for over 35% of all pediatrician visits in the US.   Typically the most common treatment for ear infections is antibiotics.  However, often antibiotics don’t work for this treatment because they can be viral not just bacterial.  In this case, antibiotics are being used but not helping.  They are placing more damage on the child’s body and can result in more infections.  In the case that the antibiotics do work, a child can become immune to them in which case they will no longer work and the child again will be susceptible to more infections.   This happens when the bacteria becomes drug-resistance due to overuse.


·      Ear pain

·      Irritability

·      Sleep Disruption

·      Tugging on the Ear

·      Fever

What We Can Do For Ear Infections

Chiropractic care is often used for relief of pain from ear infections, and also often the main reason a child begins chiropractic care.  During the birthing process the cervical spine, or neck, often becomes misaligned.  These misalignments in turn put stress on the nervous system and prevent it from function to its full ability.  Ear infections are a common result of misalignments in the neck because the nerves traveling to the ear come from the neck and because the drainage of the Eustachian tube is blocked. The Eustachian tube is the passage that connects the back of the nose and the middle ear and assists with hearing.  A study done by the Journal of Clinical Chiropractic Pediatrics resulted in 80% of the children seen for an ear infection did not experience a second infection for 6 months after their first adjustment.  Chiropractic adjustments mobilize the drainage of the ear, allowing the drainage without the build up of fluid and subsequent infection. The child’s body is then able to build up their own antibodies and recover more quickly from the infection.


At Clark Chiropractic we utilize many different treatments to get the best results and customize treatments for each patient.  We use a state of the art digital x-ray machine to get an in-depth look at what each person has going on to determine the best treatment plan; utilizing therapies, such as electrical stim, ultrasound, traction, myofascial release, light and infrared therapy, trigger therapy, cupping, and CBD treatments helps to get results quicker and more effectively.   Our Chiropractors are capable of using many different styles of adjusting to meet the needs of each individual patient.  In conjunction with or as a stand-alone treatment, our doctors also perform acupuncture.