Auto Accidents


How Chiropractic Care can help after an auto accident

  • Reduce Inflammation

    • Inflammation is a result of most any injury or trauma. It is a part of your bodies healing mechanism but can create discomfort as well. Getting care helps to reduce inflammation but still give your body what it needs to heal properly.

  • Non- Invasive treatments

    • Chiropractic care is hands on and non-invasive form of treatment that does not require medications, surgeries or injections.

  • Break up and reduce scar tissue

    • Breaking up scar tissues helps improve mobility and reduce pain. Scar tissue usually develops over time but getting care can help reduce the chances of development

  • Pain Relief

    • We have numerous ways to address pain in the office. Utilizing a combination of these after an accident yields great results for pain relief.

  • Improve ROM

    • After an accident our muscles can often tighten up and inhibit mobility. Getting Chiropractic care included and adjustment and therapies helps restore motion.

  • Avoid long-term/chronic pain

    • The sooner you get in after an accident the better your results will be and the less you have to worry about long term damage and pain.

Seeing a Chiropractor after an accident caused by another person’s negligence can improve the chances of getting a successful insurance claim.  Seeking help from a chiropractor immediately after your car accident is advised, or after an emergency room visit if it is warranted.   It is important to remember that injuries may not be noticed immediately following an accident but can develop later after adrenaline and shock wear down.  Even if you are not in pain get an assessment!  At Clark Chiropractic our doctors are trained to assess injuries following accidents.  We also have a state of the art digital x-ray unit which allows us to take and review x-rays immediately.   Our staff is also trained to handle insurance claims and help make the process much similar on patients so they can focuses on healing.  Car insurance companies assess all cases and this can make your visit cost greatly reduced and often times free!  Insurance companies need to see documentation of your visits, which is why getting in early is key.

Whiplash is a common player in car accidents.  This is when the neck is forced into a rapid forward and backward movement.  Without quick and proper treatment this is an injury that can create problems for years or even develop months after the initial trauma.  Chiropractic care aligns the spine to restore range of motion and allow the soft tissues to heal properly without scarring or further damage.

Here are some Common Symptoms that occur from car accidents: